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The exclusive restaurant "Konoba"

For the special moments, we recommend a  gastronomic specialties in a pleasant atmosphere, at exclusive restaurant Konoba. The restaurant is located on the first floor of the Hotel Fortuna with capacity of 280 seats. Restaurant ''Konoba'' has H.A.C.C.A.P.licence.

In a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, with a wide range of food and drinks, and friendly restaurant staff, we offer you fun and live music at the evenings.

At the'' Konoba'' there can be organized:

  • Business lunches
  • Meetings, seminars, presentations,
  • Weddings, baptisms, small and large mature, and other celebrations.     

Good food with a warm atmosphere and pleasant music will make you a permanent guest in our restaurant ...



Fast food "McFort"

Fast food restaurant  is located on the ground floor of Hotel Fortuna, with 100 to 150 seats. Modern and luxurious equipped, it represent a beautiful place for a variety of uses and occasions.

As part of this restaurant is a large children's playground, suitable for play, socializing and celebration of children's birthdays. Game room has a lot of interesting content, and optionally there can be engaged an animators. In another part of the restaurant is a space for parents. The restaurant offers a wide selection of drinks and delicious food from the hotel kitchen.

If necessary,this space can be changed,in a rapid time, into a presentation room enterprises with adequate accessories for the occasion.

Make your celebration our mission...


Conference Room

As part of its contents, Hotel Fortuna **** offers you a conference room as a space for meetings, seminars, presentations ....We have  all the required accessories that we can rent to you.



Wine Club

With the aim to enrich the wine culture in our environment, we opened a wine bar, where all visitors with exquisite taste for premium wines, have an opportunity to enjoy a wide selection of prestigious domestic and foreign wines, champagnes and other beverages.
"Wine Club" is an ideal place to socialize in comfortable surroundings with live evergreen music.


The kitchen is equipped with the latest and greatest devices, which are required for fast and efficient culinary services. Capacity kitchen is such that it can simultaneously provide service to guests for all restaurants: :

Mc Fort - fast food restaurant on the ground floor center with 150 seats,
''Konoba'' - an exclusive restaurant on the first floor with 280 seats.

Our modern kitchen provides a service of the preparation of hot meals for all companies, with  delivery at the agreed location.
Experienced cooks will create for you a variety of specialties depending on the circumstances and reasons..