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The pools

The capacity of the outdoor pools and other sports facilities around the pools is about 3000 visitors.
The building is under constant video surveillance with 110 cameras and contracted security.
The pools are equipped with modern automated filtering system which provides superior hygiene and cleanliness of the water. At the pools, during the season, we have two mini-bars in the open, where guests can take a pleasant refresh .
In addition to its modern design and content, Wellness center Fortuna offers its visitors various forms of entertainment by organizing various events.


Outdoor and indoor pools

The entire complex of outdoor facilities includes three outdoor pools of different sizes and depths:

  • Semi-Olympic pool, with depth of 2m
  • Children pool, pool of irregular shape, with depth of 0,8m
  • Hydromassage pool, irregular shape with overbrim to semi-olympic pool, with depth of 1,5m.

We provide the trained and licensed lifeguards all around the pools. .
The concept of outdoor swimming pools is for sports and recreation.
Besides that we provide a cooling and refreshing on hot summer days, you can also enjoy in a pleasant environment, numerous facilities contets such as:

  • Swimming school
  • Waterpool Club
  • Swimming Club
  • Aqua aerobic
  • Kids ''play and fun'' at the pool


Indoor pool is available for swimming, both in summer and winter days. In addition to the leisure, visitors can learn how to swim in the swimming school, and improve all swimming techniques.
The pool is an irregular shape, depth of 1,5 m