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Aerobic Club

At the Wellness center Fortuna you have a choice of a large number of aerobic programs intended for beginners and those more advanced practitioners. Professional instructors will help you to solve a dilemma and suggest aerobics program that best meets the objectives of stakeholders and recommend a group in which everyone will feel really good



Cardio program

Cardio program, of the same renowned manufacturer of sports equipment from Italy, guaranteeing optimum cardio training. Visitors can choose whether to:

  • running at the track
  • train at the stepper
  • do the cardio training on the indor bicycle
  • or the cross training.

The sports line of cardio equipment "Panat Sports'' Advance allows you to adjust the training for your condition and gender, and offers the possibility of adjusting the intensity, speed and incline, and to do all this within the ideal heart beat.

Special telemetric belt measure the heart rate and sends the data in an integrated computer in the center console of the treadmill, stepper or bike. To make the heart beat remained within the optimal range, the computer automatically adjusts the intensity of training, and decreases or increases the speed, incline or resistance.